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A Break at the Peak

For the past few hours, you’ve been hiking and climbing. Further, higher, faster, stronger. The landscape is both familiar and unknown. Every now and then you have stopped for water and to savour the view. Your sole focus has been on the road ahead, but if you turn around to look behind you, you can see that the point from where you started has only been getting smaller – lingering like a distant memory. And finally. There. You’ve reached the summit. We think your achievement deserves a special treat.

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Start off grinding 18 grams of coffee relatively fine. Assemble your Aeropress, placing a filter in the filter-holder. Pour through some hot water to rinse the filter and to heat up the Aeropress. Place the Aeropress over your cup, throw in the coffee, start the timer and pour over 250 grams of water. Stir three times in a circular motion. Then you place the plunger on top, to seal the top and to keep the coffee from dripping through. When your timer is at one minute, start to slowly press the plunger down until the coffee has poured through and you hear a hissing sound. You should aim for a total brew time of one minute and 30 seconds.




The final step?
Enjoy your coffee and the magnificent view.