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The Book That Saved a Store

Do you remember the times you sat, mesmerized on the floor with a stack of an 18-bind lexicon that your parents bought from the traveling salesman who had rung your doorbell just a few weeks before? Each volume weighed so much you could hardly lift it out of the bookshelf and onto the floor. And the entire collection weighed appropriately as much as all the facts and all the truths in the world.

Or so it felt.


Times have changed, and I haven’t touched a volume since. I didn’t even know I missed it, until I found myself on my kitchen floor, completely  lost in Cappelens Forslags Conversational Lexicon ll (CFCL ll). 


The first volume was released a couple of years ago, as an attempt to save Pil Cappelen Smith and Andreas Cappelen’s tiny independent bookstore in Oslo. It was a massive success from before the pages hit the printer.

The duo describes the lexicon as “a subjective encyclopaedia», And for the rest of us is doesn’t only serve as a clever conversation starter, but an entertaining read in its own right.

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Visit: cappelensforslag.no