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Burning with Intensity

Magnus Vatvedt displays his Inferno at gallery QB

Entering the gallery, the first thing that strikes me is the monochromatics of it all. Four huge canvases pulls you into the Inferno. Chaotic, but also systematic, sort of repetitive but at the same time unique, like nature has a tendency to be. Silhouettes appear, but its all a bit disorienting. I guess thats what you expect from an Inferno.

Artikkel 1280x750px

Magnus Vatvedt, Inferno #1-4, 2012-2017, Sequoia redwood charcoal self collected after local forrest fires caused by lightning storms, water, primed cotton canvas, fixativ, wooden strecher, 200 x 150 cm

I entered the gallery with no previous knowledge about the works or the artist. I learn that the images are made with Sequoia redwood charcoal gathered after local forrest fires caused by lightning storms⚡️. This pulls my thoughts towards climate change and the ongoing Californian drought. I have no idea if I’m ‘right’ or not, but does that really matter.

Magnus Vatvedt – Inferno shows at QB Gallery from 11.08.2017 – 03.09.2017
Tordenskioldsgate 5,
0160 Oslo

Artikkel 1280x750px5 Artikkel 1280x750px4 Artikkel 1280x750px3 Artikkel 1280x750px2