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I Am My Daily Rituals

Rituals are an interesting phenomenon, in healthy portions they provide us with joy, comfort and a sense of cultural belonging. In some cases, they can possess the power to make us even more efficient and productive in our daily lives. But on the other hand, they can also easily turn into something obsessive and maybe even compulsive, where the rituals are in charge, taking control of you.

Still, to most of us, our daily rituals are safe and comforting. It’s something we identify with, and something that makes us pause. It is often referred to as “me time”, or as an identity, in the sense of: I am my rituals.

For me, personally, that’s usually how i describe myself, through my rituals. I’m a morning person, that’s ritual. That’s actually a ritual I’ve developed as a mothership for all my other rituals to foster into. I think we all can agree that there is a huge difference if you drink your morning coffee at noon, or if you drink it at 6 in the morning. And if you wake up early, you don’t only get that precious 6 AM moment with your coffee and the silence only disturbed by your own thoughts, you also make room for many more rituals throughout the day.

If you don’t know your rituals, or if you don’t think you have any, stop by Kirsten Visdal’s “tendens” exhibition at this year’s Oslo Design Fair to pick up some new ones.

Throughout the exhibition you’ll experience warm and safe colours, paired with natural materials like wood and stone. You can also expect an abundance of plants, pottery and textiles.

25→28 Januar 2017.
Norges Varemesse