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Field Notes by TigerTiger

A sneak peek into the field notes from Hana & Jen of Tiger Tiger Studio‘s visit to Atelier Brancusi.

Total Environment.
Constantin Brancusi displayed his pieces purposefully in his studio, the studio itself becoming part of the art. Arranging and overall presentation are all harmonized into the workspace. The display of his works after his passing was extremely important to him. He wanted his “total environment” to be not just created by him, but curated by him. In his will, he left his entire studio to the French State. This exhibit is a precise replication of that studio with a large collection of his pieces inside.
I loved the uniform palette throughout the studio. Browns, whites, metallics… Soothing to look at.
He used photography as an important part of his art, to not only document his pieces within his space but to play with how his pieces interacted with his other pieces, their environment and the changing light. Man Ray (!) helped him build a dark room in his studio.
Brancusi jammed with his friend, Erik Satie (!) on a regular basis, during parties that he hosted in his home/studio. In the exhibit, you can see his instruments in the back corner of his living quarters.
“Princess X”. This piece is shown in one of the photos. Find it. Look it up. You be the judge!

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