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Freedom of Disappearance

Challenging your preconceived notions of what defines a drawing, Marit Roland draws you into her world where the paper is both the pen and the paper. 

Marit Roland completed her Master’s degree at the Art Academy in Trondheim NTNU in 2012. Since then her work has gradually evolved into an extended field of drawing. She is challenging the concept of drawing by creating a displacement of the paper in the act of drawing. She is using it as a concept versus a specific technique. With only paper as her material, Roland is drawing with the paper instead of on it creating three-dimensional spacial installations and sculptures. 

When asked about what happens to her work when the exhibitions are complete, she says: «The site-specific ‘Paper Drawings’ are ephemeral and after being shown they are donated or recycled. The paper continues a new ‘life’ no longer serving the purpose of art. Giving up something that has taken all my dedication leads to a feeling of ambivalence. As I view the pieces disappear, I also experience a strong sense of freedom in working the way that I do. Trivial aspects, such as that a roll of paper can become so valuable, then almost insignificant, fascinates me.»