Tilbake til artikkler

Intuition First

Jannik Abel is not confined to one artistic medium; her intuition comes first, which medium best communicates that intuition comes second.

I’m running late. I forgot to take into consideration the number of people using public transport, with backpacks filled with oranges, cocoa, and crackers, heading for the outskirts of Oslo on a beautiful Saturday morning. But Jannik doesn’t mind, as I arrive at the pier of Nesodtangen I see her smiling face and waving arm peeking up from behind her blue Mini.

–Welcome, nice to finally meet you. How was your trip?
I apologize for my delay, while blaming the backpackers, and tell her that it’s nice to get out of the city.

–So, who is Mikal?, she asks.
Talking about myself is not my favorite subject. So I hesitantly reply I don’t know, trying to figure that out I guess.”

While realizing my response might be perceived a bit hostile, I quickly try to find a way for the conversation to not revolve around me and I ask her how long she’s been living out here.

Jannik tells me that she just moved here a couple of months ago with her girlfriend who just opened a yoga studio in one of the houses on their property. She talks about her history, experience and the fact that she always seems to abandon a field of work when she feels she has mastered it. She used to be… probably still is… one of the best screen printing artists in Norway, but is now working with wood. I can relate to her decision to change medium, it’s not about being the best in what you do, it’s about learning to master a new skill – and once you have done so, it’s interesting to move on and begin a new learning curve.

As we drive through the landscape, passing by dogs and horses, the trees vastly outnumber the houses. Jannik mentioned that she will be taking part in Håndverk+ this spring, a design and craft festival in Vågå initiated by Kirsten Visdal. At the festival designers and craftsmen will lift traditional crafts into the future, where cooperation and exchange between different professional groups are put in focus. A meeting place where designers who are looking forward to experiencing the authentic, try out materials and techniques in various crafts subjects. At the same time, they will share their knowledge of form, profile, and market.

We go off the main road and onto a, in summer, dusty, but now an icy road, leading to the top of a hill… Here, at the top, we arrive at Jannik’s studio.