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Artist Javier Barrios

Balancing on a fiber optic cable coated in stardust and dark matter, Javier Barrios throws light on contemporary tendencies through his multidisciplinary work. 

Javier’s artistic project moves in a landscape between utopia and facts, with inspirations drawn from science fiction, visions of the future, technology, architecture, science and space exploration. It relates to the great philosophical questions surrounding the origin and the evolution of Mankind, and the need to find the balance between fact and fiction in this arena.


“How has Mankind been able to move from picking lice off each other’s backs, to a world where we build spaceships and send them out into the waste and desolate space?”

He harvests inspiration from populist media such as journals, television, the internet, films, and books, and it is from a populistic point of view that he wishes to utilize this material in order to throw light on contemporary tendencies. “There is no doubt that we are living through exciting times where the world is experiencing an economic, a climatic and a structural shift of power. While the world’s population is increasing and our natural resources are being depleted, rapid technological progress is laying a new platform for our modern life.”