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móðir jörð by Sara Angelica Spilling

One camera, a camping stove, a pair of hiking boots and a sleeping bag.

Sara Angelica Spilling is a fashion, portrait and art photographer who works freelance out of Oslo but whos work know no boundaries.

Her work with móðir jörð originated in an urge to escape the everyday distractions and give the mind a well-deserved break. Being alone is something that invokes solitude in Sara but the raw Icelandic weather brought on some challenges, both practical and emotional. As a contrast to the safe and comfortable life of Oslo, this trip brought on questions like «Where to safely park the car to sleep, where do I get enough shelter to fire up the camping stove and where to get water for my morning coffee.»

Sara is the photographer of Nose First into Coffee, a conversation with Kristin Hærnes Ihlen
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