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Brand – Mold Atelier

In an increasingly fast-paced culture, where we buy more than we throw away, own more than we know and use less than we own. Mold Atelier aims to be a breath of fresh air on a foggy autumn morning.

Linda Christiansen is the designer of Mold Atelier, a new brand focused on creating sustainable fashion with a personal touch.

First out is a collection of earrings. Drawing inspiration from her friends and family, Linda has created a collection that consists of 5 timeless pieces that are small reflections of her loved ones, all handmade of brass.

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Styling: Linda Christiansen || Photography: Mikal Strøm || Model: Sophia || Set Design: Tea Wolff

Styling: Linda Christiansen || Photography: Anna Vaagland || Models: Maggie Alva & Zandra Christiansen