Tilbake til artikkler

Creative director Patricia Gutiérrez

Patricia Gutiérrez is a Spain based knitwear designer, creative director and stylist with a keen eye for contemporary aesthetic. She is also the genius behind @maggieontherocks, a carefully curated Instagram feed that we always find ourselves back in, scrolling for inspiration.

First off is a collaboration with Mono-y, a genderless brand featuring slouchy tailored pieces with streetwear influences. Photographed by Marina Denisova at Firenze’s most amazing working space, Numeroventi. (See Marina’s images in Karen Sofie Egebos essay “About A Painting“)


Thoughtful gestures reflecting life at a slow pace, an afternoon with Cristina Guerrero photographed by Héctor Freijanes.

A project in collaboration with photographer Maya Kapouski inspired by David Hockney’s art and his soft spot for interiors and swimming pools.