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Scandinavian Spaceship By Kvistad

Don’t let the name fool you, there’s no «the» in front of Kvistad Family because it’s not your regular family per se, but a design collective formed by more unconventional, familiar bonds.

Here we find Miriam from Drammen and Ziemowit from Gdansk, their respective partners, a brother and sister duo – Bjarne and Astrid – all the way from the Western part of Norway, and a town called Førde. Combined, their four children play a big part in the collective family too.

Hurdal, a picturesque municipality about an hour outside of Oslo, is where Kvistad Family has chosen to set up house. An old classroom, a part of an eco-business center called Fremtidssmia, is the heartbeat of the design studio – and where ideas transform into results.

A collective is not a collective unless it is broad and diverse, and between them, the family holds an impressive and varied range of experience. With backgrounds in Interior, fashion, illustration, photography, woodwork, carpentry, machine knit, graphic and digital design – they can jump on almost anything that comes their way.

This juxtaposition of people and skills is their recipe for a dream in constant evolution, where they are free to create and explore.

One of their latest projects is a result of Bakken & Bæcks Oslo office expanding to a second floor. Kvistad created a Scandinavian Spaceship, a fusion of space age, futurism and Scandinavian lines.


Instagram: @kvistad.co Website: kvistad.co
Images by Lasse Fløde, styled by Tea Wolff.