Tilbake til artikkler

Shades of memory

None of the Above, or NOTA as it were, is a South Korean fashion label focusing on the equilibrium between simplicity and detail. From dusty hues to clean lines, unexpected details and modern day wearability the Seoul trio design garments your wardrobe didn’t even know it was looking for. 

What is your story?
We are friends from high school, and we all love clothes and fashion. Yein comes from a career in fashion merchandising, while Minju specialized art theory and Hoeyeon’s experience lay in fashion design. We worked in different parts of fashion for about 4 years after graduating university, but now we are finally joined together with NOTA.
What about the history of None of the Above, and the rationale behind the label?
We launched NOTA 2016 with an accessory line, and then we started a women’s clothing line the following year in 2017. NOTA comes from the Latin word for note, mark, symbol, character, and code. It is also short for None of the Above. NOTA’s mission is to give you direction and choices when you are lost in a variety of options, and we want to transform what can be perceived as a complicated world to a simple life.
This talk of simplicity, how does it influence what you do?
Focusing on the equilibrium between simplicity and detail, we create minimal garments. Basic forms with understated details, sophisticated silhouettes, carefully selected colors and fabrics to evoke mood merge to form our timeless collection. For us, quality and durability of each garment is the key. To produce long-lasting pieces for our customers, we believe in the delicate and precise craftsmanship of garments. We consistently broaden our boundaries with a multidisciplinary approach.
I love your creative direction and color palette. What is the inspiration behind it?
It always differs. But we usually get our inspiration from nature, natural objects, and phenomenons. For example, the title of 17FW is Be lost in memories’, under this abstract concept, we list associated words and imagine a woman that’s lost in her memories. We reflect on her memories, experiences, emotions, and mood in the color palette of grayscale, warm and dusty colors.
How do you want us to experience your latest collection?
NOTA’s 2017 F/W collection is titled Be Lost in Memories.” This season is a kind of color field painting that’s all about reminiscence, memories, and emotions. From office wear to cozy knit, each piece is suitable for the everyday life of the urban woman. We take minimal and classic silhouettes and give them a pointed detail. There is a strong emphasis on shapes and silhouettes, including layered garments and vertical details. We are also fully focused on colors this season. Following our brand philosophy, we carefully set the color palette to deliver our mood and emotions. Color is always at the core of our collections.
What’s your process when creating a collection?
First off, we start by seeking inspiration everywhere then we collect images, sketches and other source materials to create our mood board. Through brainstorming, we set the central idea, before we start to sketch and design the pieces of the collection. After that we work on the pieces, carefully choosing colors and finding the right fabrics to tie the new collection together in a way that delivers our mood and main ideas. Finally, we take the leap from ideas and sketches to visual garments by using a 3D program, in which we make multiple samples together with our experienced tailor in order to be perfect everything.
Where do you see the next steps for None of the above?
In 2018, we hope to have our own space to showcase our thoughts and stories directly to customers.
Do you have an Instagram account you always find inspiring?
We don’t like to limit ourselves to just one. We always try to search for inspiration, not only Instagram but of course also on Pinterest, magazines, news, objects and so on. But to mention a few:
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