This is the philosophy of BRYGG – a Norwegian «coffee» magazine that cares less about what’s in the cup, than what’s happening around it. Inspired by the 2003 classic «Coffee and Cigarettes», BRYGG uses coffee as a means to engage in meaningful conversations with creatives from Scandinavia and around the world. When reading the conversations in the magazine, they usually don’t revolve around coffee, or even the artist’s work – rather, what’s explored, is the spontaneous route of the conversation, the dynamic that takes place when two people meet over coffee. In Norway, when you meet someone for the first time, wether it’s a friend, a colleague or a potential love interest, one will always suggest to "have a coffee" to get to know one another. It’s an integral part of Norwegian culture, and in many ways, BRYGG pays homage to this national heritage. Since its first issue in 2014, BRYGG has continued to explored the coffee break, but in different shapes and forms, and always through personal reflections, art, culture and travel, rather than traditional coffee jargon.

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Lene Haugerud – Editor

Mikal Strøm – Manager & Art Director